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Online Photo Checker

Online Photo Checker
  • Use this tool to check a passport photo is suitable for upload onto the Online Passport Service.
  • The online photo checker provides a convenient way for you to check a passport photo without having to start an application or log into it. It also allows professional photo takers to check the photo they have taken is suitable before providing it to a customer in electronic format.
  • When you upload a photo into online photo checker, you will be advised if the photo is suitable for upload onto the Online Passport Service. If the photo is not suitable you will be advised the reason(s) why.
  • You will be provided with a unique reference number for each photo upload attempt you made. Please retain this number for your records.
  • You can view our tips to help you get suitable digital passport photos on our website.

Photo Upload Terms and Conditions

Photo Upload Terms and Conditions
  • I agree that some information provided in this online photo checker will be retained. The information will be collected only for the purposes prescribed in the privacy statement. Please read the privacy statement for further information.
  • I understand that the photo will be retained for 14 days before being deleted.
  • I understand that if the photo is assessed as being acceptable it may not successfully upload to the Online Passport Service if it is subsequently altered in any way.
  • I understand the photo will still be subject to manual assessment by a staff member when it is accepted on the Online Passport Service as part of an application.

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